You’ve Never Heard of Grand Lake?

There are so many great places in the Grand Lake to visit. Afton, Bernice, Cleora, Disney, Fairland, Grove, Jay, Ketchum, Langley, Miami, Monkey Island, Tia Juana, Vinita, and Wyandotte might be places you have never heard of (well, maybe you’ve heard of Miami but the one in Florida, and you probably think the way I wrote Tia Juana was a typo by an uncultured hillbilly – and you’d be wrong on all counts). I am telling you, however, these are places definitely worth looking into the next time you’re considering a move or a vacation. I am biased, of course, but I’ll tell you, this area is probably the best place to be in the whole state of Oklahoma.


I’m so happy you asked! I can give you a million reasons, but it really comes down to this: we’ve got everything. We’ve got 5 state parks. We’ve got camping, water sports, and fishing. We’ve got casinos, shopping, performing arts, fine dining, and golf. For auto enthusiasts, we’ve got Route 66. For the history buffs, we’ve got quite a lot of that as well, thanks to our Native American roots. If you have a hobby or a passion, chances are you can indulge it somewhere around here! It is a perfect combination of a great location, great access to recreation and fun, and lots of culture — all without the impersonal stuffiness of big-city living.

For those of us who live here, well, we know we’re lucky and we work hard to keep our cities and towns alive. It’s just about the most gorgeous area on God’s green earth, and we like to keep it that way. If you don’t believe me, go look online for some rental homes in the area. Go on, I’ll wait. Now you see what I’m talking about? You like those screened porches, covered boat slips, and amazing lake views? I do too. That’s why I live here.

Going about my daily life, I meet lots of people who came here for a family vacation and decided to come back in a more permanent way. They probably thought all of Oklahoma was some farmland and some tall buildings out by Oklahoma City. And that’s a fair assessment, Oklahoma does have its share of farmland. And since we’re a landlocked state, it’s hard for people to imagine that we’d have such a fine lake. It’s almost like we’ve been keeping it a secret and saving it just for those who would appreciate it. Once those people – and maybe you, too – see what’s around here, it’s easy to wonder if you’ve been living in the wrong place all this time. Maybe you need to live somewhere a little more leisurely and beautiful. A place that you can hunt and fish and still be able to take the wife out to a good meal and a concert. A place that has good schools for the kids and wholesome family fun on weekends.

So now that you’ve heard about us, what do you plan to do about it?