Different People Visit Our Lake


There are a lot of people visiting our resort area. Especially during summer. We have families, young people with their friends, tourists just passing by, sellers, people trying to buy a property and move here, people coming to fish or do water sports, and so on. And they’re all from different backgrounds, races, cultures. This is exactly why I love this place. You can come here, meet people, and leave with a different perspective on life. There are also weddings that happened here. People who have met during their summer vacation and fell in love. We probably also have divorces that started here, but who can tell?


Every summer seems to be the same. The same tempo of people approaching this area, slowly but surely. At the beginning of summer, first, we see the older generation trying to get some rest. But come June and July and the younger generation comes rushing in. Mainly young people from Oklahoma, trying to start their summer with some partying. Then we have the families, coming to inhale and exhale some fresh air and get away from the warm urban areas. This is my favorite part of the summer here. I spend a lot of time fishing and going to bars where I meet some friends, have a nice chat, and continue my day. These are also the busiest summer days at our lake.


Since this area is so popular during the summer when it gets pretty crowded, the place becomes attractive for business, which is why we have many sellers coming trying to promote their products. We have a bar where the owner is good enough to let them promote their products inside. It’s the sort of presentation that the locals enjoy. It looks like a theatre show, and it all depends on the selling skills these sellers have. We’ve had sellers promoting, fire alarms, vacuum cleaners, glasses, and we even had a guy selling pens and pencils. But one of the most interesting presentations I have seen was the guy selling air purifiers.


His act was hectic and funny. He was nervous because he had probably never done something similar, but his intelligence together with his sense of humor made his act unforgettable. I’ll never forget his opening act. We didn’t know whether he would puke for being nervous or he did that just to get our attention. In any case, he continued with the pros and cons of owning such a product. Every argument he had was supported by facts and figures which he presented on pieces of paper. He got our attention alright, but he also left with our money.


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