Tank You Very Much


There are all kinds of blogs on the internet; this is mine. I’m Bart, and I live in the Grand Lake area of Oklahoma. It is just about the greatest place in the country. At least, that’s my opinion. I want other people to feel the same way, so I’ll be writing all about the great things that happen around here and about my daily life. A Grand Chronicle, if you will. Clever titles are just one of the things I plan to offer my readers. I hope you like this blog and thank you for reading.

There is a lot to say about this beautiful rural area and the lifestyle you can enjoy all around. You no doubt have seen the many episodes of the Pioneer Woman from nearby Pawhuska. I want you to know about my home as much as she has exposed hers. I thank her for opening the world to eastern Oklahoma and its warm and friendly people. We live simply and cleanly, depending a lot upon the land and its resources. As such, I am respectful of nature and the need to conserve energy.

I show this in many ways. I am judicious with gas, use local produce, sort my garbage and watch water wastage. How to do that? It is simple. Get yourself a tankless water heater for one thing—it is the greatest thing ever. When I started to become conscious of the environment and the need to go green, I researched ways to improve my life on line. I found that the first thing one can do is to invest in a new water heater and get rid of the old obsolete tank. No one needs to store hot water any more for an entire day before your evening shower. Stop wracking up big energy bills month after month.

I am proud that I save money on utilities but most of all that I am doing something good for the planet. I think about it every time I run the bath water at the perfect temperature. The digital system that comes with the new appliance can be set perfectly to your needs—not too hot or too cold. Ah! The marvels of modern technology. They certainly have revolutionized ranching and farming in Oklahoma and now every citizen can enjoy the fruits of the new industrial design. I am so into this new system that I expect you all to take heed and jump on the bandwagon.

You may not know all the benefits of a tankless water heating system, and they are many. First of all, it fits into the smallest places in the house or garage. It is easy to install and practically operates automatically once programmed. You won’t be seeing the plumber, bless his heart, and will notice a big change in your utility bills. Wherever you live, join the crowd that is embracing the tankless appliance and feel better about yourself.


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