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Different People Visit Our Lake

There are a lot of people visiting our resort area. Especially during summer. We have families, young people with their friends, tourists just passing by, sellers, people trying to buy a property and move here, people coming to fish or do water sports, and so on. And they’re all from different backgrounds, races, cultures. This is exactly why I love this place. You can come here, meet people, and leave with a different perspective on life. There are also weddings that happened here. People who have met during their summer vacation and fell in love. We probably also have divorces that started here, but who can tell?   Every summer seems to be the same. The same tempo of people approaching this area, slowly but surely. At the beginning of summer, first, we see the older generation trying to get some rest. But come June and July and the younger generation comes rushing in. Mainly young people from Oklahoma, trying to start their summer with some partying. Then we have the families, coming to inhale and exhale some fresh air and get away from the warm urban areas. This is my favorite part of the summer here. I spend a lot of time fishing and going to bars where I meet some friends, have a nice chat, and continue my day. These are also the busiest summer days at our lake.   Since this area is so popular during the summer when it gets pretty crowded, the place becomes attractive for business, which is why we have many sellers coming trying to promote their products. We have a bar where the owner is good enough to let them promote their products inside. It’s the sort of presentation that the locals enjoy. It looks like a theatre show, and it all depends on the selling skills these sellers have. We’ve had sellers promoting, fire alarms, vacuum cleaners, glasses, and we even had a guy selling pens and pencils. But one of the most interesting presentations I have seen was the guy selling air purifiers.   His act was hectic and funny. He was nervous because he had probably never done something similar, but his intelligence together with his sense of humor made his act unforgettable. I’ll never forget his opening act. We didn’t know whether he would puke for being nervous or he did that just to get our attention. In any case, he continued with the pros and cons of owning such a product. Every argument he had was supported by facts and figures which he presented on pieces of paper. He got our attention alright, but he also left with our money.

Tank You Very Much

There are all kinds of blogs on the internet; this is mine. I’m Bart, and I live in the Grand Lake area of Oklahoma. It is just about the greatest place in the country. At least, that’s my opinion. I want other people to feel the same way, so I’ll be writing all about the great things that happen around here and about my daily life. A Grand Chronicle, if you will. Clever titles are just one of the things I plan to offer my readers. I hope you like this blog and thank you for reading. There is a lot to say about this beautiful rural area and the lifestyle you can enjoy all around. You no doubt have seen the many episodes of the Pioneer Woman from nearby Pawhuska. I want you to know about my home as much as she has exposed hers. I thank her for opening the world to eastern Oklahoma and its warm and friendly people. We live simply and cleanly, depending a lot upon the land and its resources. As such, I am respectful of nature and the need to conserve energy. I show this in many ways. I am judicious with gas, use local produce, sort my garbage and watch water wastage. How to do that? It is simple. Get yourself a tankless water heater for one thing—it is the greatest thing ever. When I started to become conscious of the environment and the need to go green, I researched ways to improve my life on line. I found that the first thing one can do is to invest in a new water heater and get rid of the old obsolete tank. No one needs to store hot water any more for an entire day before your evening shower. Stop wracking up big energy bills month after month. I am proud that I save money on utilities but most of all that I am doing something good for the planet. I think about it every time I run the bath water at the perfect temperature. The digital system that comes with the new appliance can be set perfectly to your needs—not too hot or too cold. Ah! The marvels of modern technology. They certainly have revolutionized ranching and farming in Oklahoma and now every citizen can enjoy the fruits of the new industrial design. I am so into this new system that I expect you all to take heed and jump on the bandwagon. You may not know all the benefits of a tankless water heating system, and they are many. First of all, it fits into the smallest places in the house or garage. It is easy to install and practically operates automatically once programmed. You won’t be seeing the plumber, bless his heart, and will notice a big change in your utility bills. Wherever you live, join the crowd that is embracing the tankless appliance and feel better about yourself.

Everything you need to know about grand lake fishing

Grand Chronicle
Grand Lake is one of Colorado’s largest lakes which follows its natural body. This is a lake which is known for being a beautiful place to fish. All you have to do is cast your line and wait to catch a trout or a salmon. But there are still certain things which is important to keep in mind when it comes to Grand Lake Fishing.

Get a fishing license

Most people are not aware that fishing in Grand lake requires a fishing license. All you have to do is get an online license for one day, five day or annual fishing license through by calling them. Also make sure that you are getting frequent stamp which can use a second rod, helpline and tip-up for a better experience.

Understand the Grand Lake and Colorado fishing regulations

Colorado water is open all year round, which requires you to follow certain regulations. Make sure that you are using the bag limit, which will allow one to catch different types of fish. There are rules for fish bait, rules for fishing methods, rules around transportation for fishing. grand Lake

Gather all the necessary equipment

If you do not have a boat or a rod, make sure that you get the right fishing boat on Grand Lake. You need to find the right boat and rentals which can allow you to travel on the lake. There are also places where you can get the right selection of fishing equipment, bait, tackle and others. If you are planning to spend the day on the lake, make sure that you have a cooler filled with drinks and snakes.

Enjoy a day on the lake

Now that you have your license and are brushed up on your regulations and have gathered all the equipment as it is time for you to start fishing. Grand Lake offers world-class fishing in its gold medal waters which can allow one to find some fishes like the salmon, rainbow, brook, German Brown and Cutthroat Trout. If you do not want to fish, you can comfortably relax on the boat. It is a close majestic Rocky Mountain National Park which gives you an opportunity to hike as well. Lake

Make the most out of the place

Grand Lake is one of the most beautiful places to spend you day. All it takes is a glimpse to fall in love with the place. It is important that when you are in the place, you make the most out of it. Try to catch everything from mountain views, breathtaking natural beauty and abundance of entertainment in Grand Lake and the surrounding area is just serene. This is a place where you will find beauty all year round.

Troubled Souls Say YES to Brighter Tomorrows

Troubled Souls Say YES to Brighter Tomorrows
They believe the children are the future. Sometimes intervention can set a kid on the right path. There’s always a risk that the efforts will be fruitless yet there’s a larger risk if one stands by and does nothing. The Youth Encouragement System (YES) of Delaware County is doing something. And they’re also making a difference.   The system doesn’t always work. Nonviolent juveniles become wrapped up in the gears like an inadvertent necktie. The objective is to expedite the process and provide guidance. This heals the wound before it becomes a scar on the skin of society. “There’s quick accountability that takes place here,” said Judge Barry Denney who assisted in getting the program off of the ground. There are 47 counties and communities in the state that participate in the Graduated Sanctions concept of which YES was derived. Most are supported by grants and the hard work of volunteers. Once referred by the DA’s Office, the young offenders are reviewed by a committee made up of area leaders. The result can lead to a number of options including counseling, curfews and jail tours. The whole idea is that the youth never return to a courtroom again. “The program has about a 10% recidivism rate. It’s like other things. Most of the success stories you don’t hear about, but the failures you do,” said David Durossette of the Office of Juvenile Affairs. Many of the values of the past are difficult to find. Those involved with YES believe it’s time they return. With the court system often being the only alternative, efforts are made to point the young people in the right direction. It’s a small portion of a larger whole. “The real objective is to change their actions and the way they do things,” said Lavele Frantz as he spoke to the Rotary Club of Grove.   Parents are involved with each step as a Service Plan is developed. If the child meets the requirements of the plan, the law is no longer a part of the equation. While YES works from an annual budget of about $16,000, donations are always welcome. There’s also a place for any caring volunteers as well. After all, a community that remains involved, is a stronger community. “I hope there are a number of you that are sitting out there saying ‘How can I help?’.” Said Frantz.